EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – January typically the sees the most snow, but right now we are experiencing a snow deficit, and many local businesses are experiencing the chill that comes with the lack of snow.

Snow flakes mean income to many companies, but this mild winter has put the squeeze on area businesses that rely on the winter weather.

“It certainly has impacted it quite a bit in the sense of generated income during the winter,” said G&H Landscaping owner Gary Courchesne. He also says other services G&H offers, like ice control, is helping to keep money coming in. Operating this business for 50 years, Gary knows some seasons are better than others, but hopes for more snow later this winter.

Just to give you an idea of just how much of a snow deficit we are working with, 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Brian Lapis said, “Typically in January, it’s our snowiest month here with about 14 inches of snow on average. We’ve barely had five inches of snow so far this month.”

Brian Lapis said cold air has been in short supply and this warm air has impacted snow fall. Plow operators are not the only businesses feeling the pinch. Ski shops say when people see green grass in their backyards, they don’t think about hitting the slopes.

“It has affected sales a little bit, clothing I think is one thing that hasn’t done real well this year obviously because of the weather,” said Scott Waluak, owner of The Ski Haus.

Scott says ski clothes that don’t get sold will be a part of big sales this spring and summer. As for the snow, businesses can still hold out hope.

“We have at least 60 days of winter weather on the way in here,” said Lapis.