Mass. (WWLP) – School’s out for the summer, which means more children will be looking to have some fun in the sun.

22News has some tips on how to safely enjoy the summer season.

Safety should be the first priority when planning summer activities.

Captain David Rex, PIO of the Holyoke FD told 22News, “Usually it’s that few minutes when you look away to do something else where the accident happens.”

This applies to all kinds of summer activities, but Captain David Rex of the Holyoke FD told 22News that it’s especially true when taking kids swimming.

Captain David added, “So the big thing when it comes to children’s safety first and foremost is obviously our pools and open water areas where children go swimming. They should never be unattended if you will. Smaller children should always have a PFD.”

With the fourth of July holiday coming up, it’s important for parents to be extra cautious about fireworks.

Captain David said, “Massachusetts, it’s actually illegal to own any type of fireworks. Including sparklers. Sparklers actually burn at 1200 degrees which is hotter than melted glass.”

22News spoke to a Connecticut woman who experienced the dangers of sparklers first-hand. She said, “When I was like 7 or 8 I dropped a sparkler down my shirt and it totally burned my whole chest. So I am very cautious about giving sparklers to children just because there’s clearly a lot of safety risks.”

Another crucial safety tip in the heat, do not to leave children or pets unattended in a hot car.

Captain David said, “It doesn’t take very long if you shut your vehicle off. It doesn’t take very long for that car to heat up. It can happen in as little as ten minutes.”

In fact, that’s how long it took for our 22News car to reach 98 degrees. So far this year, 5 children have died in the United States from being left unattended in a hot car. Incidents like these, Captain David says, are preventable.

“Just be safe. Plan for that unplanned event,” said Captain David.

So no matter the activity, remaining alert, especially with children is the best way to ensure safety this summer.