SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Western Massachusetts has been experiencing lots of sunny spring weather recently, and while residents are enjoying it, this weather has the potential to cause problems.

If it continues, the dry weather will have an impact on local farmers. However, so far, the drier than normal weather we’ve been experiencing this spring hasn’t been a problem yet.

E. Cecchi Farms in Feeding Hills has already opened for the season, but it’s a little too soon to begin planting most types of flowers in your garden. In western Massachusetts, people should wait until May to begin putting plants in the ground.

There are some flowers, like pansies, that are ready to be planted. Just make sure to bring them inside or cover them if overnight temperatures drop.

Pansies at E. Cecchi Farms

Michael Cecchi, owner of E. Cecchi Farms isn’t worried about the dry weather just yet.

“It is a little dry but it’s really not affecting anything yet because stuff is not growing yet. If it continues it might be a concern but right now we’re in decent shape,” Cecchi told 22News.

People will have to wait until later on in the season for peak growing time for many fruits and vegetables. At E. Cecchi Farms they’ve just started planting things like peas and corn and the strawberries are just starting to come out of dormancy.

“Asparagus the beginning of May, strawberries not until June in between there we’ll have some lettuce, rhubarb should be coming, spinach and tomatoes and corn. That’s not for a few months still,” Cecchi said.

. So far this month we’ve picked up just a little over 0.10 of an inch of rain.