EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – This summer’s beautiful home gardens are in the planning stage right now and soon it will be time to visit your favorite garden supply shop.

Graziano Gardens in East Longmeadow knows the drill making certain they’ll have everything veteran gardeners and newcomers to the soil will need in a very few weeks. Right now according to Chris Graziano, people are deciding just what kind of garden they’ll want their neighbors to admire this summer.

“People can plan if they want to renew their landscaping in front of their house, and we will have all that stuff coming in coming in within the next couple of weeks. Design new landscapes for them. We could put a new patio in, and have a nice patio in the yard. Now’s the time to plant all that.”

Many home gardens here in the Pioneer Valley will start sprouting vegetables before long and if you should ask Chris Graziano which homegrown veggies will be first to appear, this is what he’ll tell you, “I would say all the leafy stuff, peas, lettuce, brussel sprouts, cool weather crops, and kale will be available very shortly.”

The stuff that helps gardens grow arrives daily with much more on the way. As more of us focus more sharply on what our gardens will look like, the memories of the chilling winter are pushed further back into the rear view mirror.