HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – After last year’s brutal hurricane season, another storm is heading near Puerto Rico. 

Though the storm is a Category 1 right now, it is expected to intensify as we move closer to the weekend. It’s still unclear how direct a hit Hurricane Dorian could have on the island, but some people are still rebuilding after last hurricane season. 

Dorian hit the West Indies as a tropical storm, its heavy rains causing flooding in Martinique. Then a day later, the storm upgraded to a hurricane.  

While it’s still unclear if the path of the hurricane will pound Puerto Rico or pass it by, people in western Massachusetts are checking in with loved ones on the island as they brace for the storm. 

“One of our coworkers was talking about it today, about how she wasn’t able to get ahold of them, but she talked to her dad today making sure they had everything,” said Makayla Doring of Chicopee. “She said they’ve been getting ready, stocking up on water for months now.” 

Ahead of the storm, people in Puerto Rico prepped their houses for the potential wind and flood water, hoping Dorian wouldn’t be as devastating as the last storm. Bob Winston and his wife welcomed residents from Puerto Rico into their home in Amherst for months following the devastation. 

“His cousin’s partner was having kidney disorder and the water was contaminated,” said Winston. “Electricity was unpredictable so if she needed dialysis for example it might be problematic.” 

Winston and the family keep in touch. One member of the family decided to relocate to the US, but Winston said he’ll be checking in with those still on the island. 

“Tragic because these people suffered terribly from the hurricane, and now they’re going to have another one,” said Winston. “And this is only the beginning of hurricane season.” 

So far locally, flights to San Juan out of Bradley Airport are still operating as normal.