GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s a big difference from the top of the state to the bottom when it comes to snowfall totals.

Those in Hampden County may have seen lesser snow, but if you drive north to Greenfield, you’ll find excellent sledding conditions.

A surprise four-day weekend, ending on a high note in Greenfield. With snow piling up to leave just enough at the foot of Poet’s Seat, for children to sled their way down. Three kids in Greenfield expressed to 22News how sledding makes their heart race and adrenaline skyrocket.

The great thing about the snow up here is that it’s pretty dense so it’s perfect for making a snowball. And the Greenfield DPW Director said when he’s dealing with a wintry stretch like the one we have here, he’s approaching it day by day. It’s much like how the head coach of the Patriots Bill Belichick would.

“We had plowed on Friday morning as you know the small storm so our equipment was basically ready to go, we still had all the plows on and that’s how we’re going to approach this week. Keep an eye on Wednesday into Thursday and we should be ready to go,” said Mario Warner Director of Greenfield DPW.

Marlo Warner with the Greenfield DPW said they had 26 pieces of equipment out to keep up with the snow. He’s calling it the tale of two storms, with a rain and snow mix overnight and then the snow after a lull. Mollie Peters will take the snow over the rain, but for her dog, winter is his favorite season.

“He loves it, he comes outside, and he gets excited. You know he wants to do the zoomies back and forth and everything, he’s great,” expressed Mollie Peters of Greenfield.

The Greenfield DPW director said because this is wet snow it can make the roads very slippery,
so if you can stay off the roads tonight, you should.