Fuller Road in Goshen is being called unsafe by local residents.

The dirt road has huge divots carved throughout from vehicles driving along the road when it’s soft and muddy. The worst of the conditions happened Friday and Saturday when temperatures warmed up, according to one Goshen resident. 

“The warm day Saturday, we didn’t know– it was such an effort to get through here. You know, we weren’t sure we’d not bog down ourselves with four-wheel drive,” Johanna Adams from Goshen told 22News. 

Adams also told 22News she’s concerned about emergency vehicles making it down the road when necessary. 

The Goshen Town Administrator said he’s aware of the problem. Ira Brezinsky told 22News emergency vehicles are able to drive through those roads. He explained this is a problem they see often, and they are attempting to make repairs. 

“Just do what the highway department would typically do. Which is to go out and inspect roads, and get some material that they can get or put down, they keep, to do the best they can to maintain it,” Brezinsky explained. 

The town has already laid down gravel in some locations of Fuller Road, but many portions are still untreated.