New England residents thrilled for early May warm-up

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Western Massachusetts’ early May warm-up has begun.

Everyone is excited about the warm-up, but the warming trend will be coming with some sticky weather.

We’re talking about the season’s first taste of humidity. The dew point is a measure of the moisture in the air.

And, as temperatures rise this week, our humidity levels will be increasing as well.

Comfortable dew points are 55 and below.

But dew points will be rising into the lower 60s by Thursday, which is “uncomfortable.”

This kind of dew points usually occur in mid-summer, and there are ways to deal with hot and sticky days.

“Not a fan of the humidity but we have a cottage in Goshen near the pond, so I can go swimming if it gets too hot,” said Richard Stonberg of Leeds.

It’s early to experience dew points in the 60s. We normally start to feel higher humidity levels in June.

It was not humid out on Tuesday. It was pretty comfortable.

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