North Carolina businesses preparing Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence is being called the storm of a lifetime for residents in the Carolinas, and it’s expected to make landfall as early as Friday morning. 

Evacuations from Virginia down to South Carolina are underway.

“We were hoping it was going to go a little farther to the North but it doesn’t look like it,” said owner of The Workshop, Audrey Longtin. “So I think it is going to hit us pretty hard.”

Already many businesses have started boarding up. This is in preparation as Florence continues its path towards Wilmington, North Carolina. 

And For Audrey Longtin, who owns The Workshop in Wrightsville Beach her once busy restaurant now sits empty. 

“This is what we did for Matthew 2 years ago, but this time it is really serious so what I have done is rent a truck,” Longtin said.

Tania Varela is in the same situation. Her Store Kohl’s frozen custard just opening two months ago and now this new business owner is having to close down already.

“It is a big investment so we are really worried that is why we are staying in Wilmington,” said Varela. “We want to make sure we can get back to the store and check everything.”

From homes to businesses the communities continue to prepare as Hurricane Florence continues its path towards the coast and the communities the path wait and watch.

“Wrightsville beach is a very strong community in general at all times. Especially when there is a hurricane is there helping we are all there together,” said Longtin. “So we are all in this and we are going to come back together and see what happens”

Mandatory evacuations begin on Wrightsville Beach at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, but some residents took off Tuesday causing some traffic backups.

Wednesday morning we could see something similar. 

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