SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The temperatures are expected to drop into the high 30s Monday night so your outdoor plants could suffer from overnight frost.

That frost is quickly approaching so it’s definitely time to start evaluating your garden to avoid your plants being wiped out by a sudden cold snap. Annual plants that fruit and flower in warm temperatures are most sensitive to cold weather. It may be a good idea to bring your plants inside or cover them up.

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Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield told 22News, that if you have plants outdoors, bring them in or cover them properly with a barrel, burlap, or plastic. You’ll find a lot of annuals, like marigolds, don’t do well in the cold. While plants like mums, have the ability to survive in cold weather.

“There are many ways you can protect more vulnerable plants like placing a porous sheet over them. There is nothing more devastating than seeing your beautiful plants destroyed overnight by an early visit from Jack Frost.”

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