NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Throughout the Pioneer Valley people have received all kinds of winter weather, everything from snow rain sleet, and slush which has made it difficult for people to drive on the roads and walk on the sidewalks.

This mix may result in some minor tree debris on the ground so as you’re heading out on the roads it’s important to proceed with caution. Not only are roads pretty slippery, but so are sidewalks. Be sure to slow down and look where you’re going to avoid any bad falls.

“It’s definitely icier than I expected so walking around is difficult but people are out shoveling and I hate walking on ice. More than anything I’m thinking of getting those poles just to take around. I have to do errands and there’s no other way to get around,” Sarah Hougen of Northampton

This kind of weather is typical for New Englanders, practicing defensive driving, increasing your following distance, and reducing your speed are all crucial to avoid roadway incidents with other vehicles or pedestrians.

As you’re preparing to head out throughout the day, be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time to make it to your destination safely.