Recent warm weather won’t stop fall foliage transformation

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) — Autumn begins 3:50 a.m. Monday. But for the first official day of fall, it’s going to be pretty warm: over 10 degrees warmer than the typical high temperature this time of year of 70 degrees.

It might be feeling like summer for the first day of fall, but when it comes to changing fall foliage, it responds mostly to the shorter daylight hours, so there are already some areas that are showing some color.

Western Massachusetts still has a long way to go with much of the foliage still green, with only isolated areas of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Peak foliage won’t happen until around mid-October.

Springfield City Forester Alex Sherman estimates Springfield will see peak foliage from October 12 to 16 as well as incoming cooler temperatures.

Residents say they’re ready for a cooldown.

“It’s great, honestly, I need a break from the warm weather, it’s been a little too much. Um, especially with trying to carry her around with her getting bigger, so I’m excited,” Abby Lastowski told 22News in Chicopee.

It will be a steady decline in temperatures. With highs in the 70s later in the week, after the first day of fall in the 80s.

“But it’s nice that it stays warm enough that we don’t have to dress her up in tons of layers and things; we can still come out on days like this and get some sunshine,” Joseph Lastowski told 22News.

We could see some rain on Monday evening, but much of the week is going to be bright and sunny.

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