SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was another hot day Friday, it felt like summer and we’re only in April.

“This weathers feels terrific! We haven’t experienced weather like this in several years so we all need to take advantage of this absolutely gorgeous and beautiful day that we are having,” said Eddie Corbin of Springfield.

People were out and about enjoying this hot day that feels much like summer. Corbin took his granddaughter to Forest Park so she could enjoy the many features that the park has to offer for children.

With temperatures near 90 degrees, we’re seeing a record high temperatures for April. 22News Meteorologist Adam Strzempko says the temperatures we’re seeing are well above average and the main reason is the jet stream, which follows the boundaries between warm and cold air.

“The jet stream is way toward North even up to Canada and that’s really just allowing the warm air down South to just work up to the Northeast and here in New England,” said Strzempko.

Brenda Santinello of Agawam says she went for two walks in the park Friday, “Walk, walk, walk! It’s stress free, I love walking. I could walk all day long.”

Temperatures are expected to drop down to the mid 60’s and low 70’s over the weekend.