SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People throughout western Massachusetts are ready for some relief from these hot and humid weather conditions. However, as people wait for some cooler weather, they’ve been trying to make the most of these limited summer days, no matter how hot.

A heat advisory has been in effect for days throughout western Massachusetts with Monday being the sixteenth day of hot temperatures and the heat index making it feel even hotter. Despite weather conditions, there were still people enjoying time outside at Stanley Park in Westfield Monday.

“We’re just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. So we’re just trying to take it all in and live with the heat,” said Erica Lisi of Westfield. Her kids love the summer, regardless of extreme temperatures.

Enzo Lisi told 22News, “Summer’s the best! Why is it the best? Because no school!”

Now even though days have been hot and humid, some say they’d actually prefer this weather over the winter cold.

“Winter is just too cold, don’t like to be outside at all. At least in the summer, it’s nice. You’re not freezing and you can take off layers. It’s nice,” said Erica.

Others have had enough of this heat and are ready for the cooler months.

“If we could have an ice-skating rink all day, let’s go. I’d prefer that,” said Ray Martinez from the Bronx.

We may be quite a few months away from ice-skating weather conditions but at least lower temperatures are expected after Tuesday.