SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Following Sunday’s first snowfall of the season, many residents found snow clearing implements just out of reach.

Shovels and other snow clearing tools are necessary every winter but aren’t readily available just when we need them, creating a temporary hardship for families and a hardware store rush to restock our homes with what we’ll need to get through the winter.

“It’s amazing, everyone doesn’t have the last minute shovel, roof rakes, snow blowers… everyone was coming in the last minute, they couldn’t find their snow shovel. They put it in the garage, and they lost it,” said Leo Courteau, Store Manager of Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Springfield.

As a result, many of us stocked up again to replace what we used last year but unless we keep rock salt year to year in the garage, people toting bagsful from the hardware stores seemed perfectly in place, especially if we were helping someone dear to us.

“I’m just helping my mother out, getting some salt for her,” said Springfield resident Gianni Mazza.

Hopefully, our experience during the first snowfall this season has prepared us for the winter yet to come.