The sun was out Wednesday after the remnants of what was once Hurricane Florence brought torrential rain to western Massachusetts Tuesday. Most areas picked up between 2 and 4 inches of rain leading to flash flooding in many areas.

All the rain we had from Florence also caused area rivers to rise. While flooding wasn’t really a problem along the Connecticut River, the river is still running high and very fast.

“We were lucky it was here and not farther up river or we would have a lot more water I think but as the river behind us is the ultimate drain the brooks were roaring and the debris was coming down so we have crews out there pulling debris from the docks now,” said Luke Brunelle, the owner of Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley.

The river is also brown and murky right now and that can make spotting dangerous debris more difficult.
Brunelle said that they temporarily closed the ramps to boaters due to the dangerous conditions.

River levels are expected to continue to go down over the next couple of days.

Some minor flooding was reported along the Deerfield River and the Hoosic River Tuesday.