HUNTINGTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties until 7 p.m. Friday for accumulating snow that could create slippery conditions.

22News traveled to Huntington where it was a winter wonderland with lots of fluffy snow coating the streets and trees. There was a two hour delay for the Gateway Regional School District but other communities like Charlemont, Greenfield, Athol, and Rowe closed schools for the entire day. Many people were itching to go outside and enjoy the snow.

Arthur St. Martin of Huntington told 22News, “I can play in it when it gets high enough!”

“Oh, I love it, I’ve been waiting for it all year. I love winter, I live up here because I love winter and I think it’s beautiful. I love to go outside and play and make snow angels,” said Lindsey McCaul of Chester.

Towns like Huntington, Chester, Otis and other hill towns are used to the snow but in recent years they have missed out on their beloved winter weather.

“Back in my day in the 80s, we use to get several feet of snow at one time. I miss those days, we haven’t been able to do that,” said McCaul.

“We came in yesterday and had nothing. Here this morning, we got up and we didn’t see nothing either. It started a little bit later than anticipated but we still have to be ready for emergencies school buses and everything in the hill towns because it changes on a dime,” said Charles Dazelle, the Highway Superintendent in Huntington.

“I just love playing in the snow, our family loves to do outdoor things like snowmobiling and such. The shoveling is not fun but other than that, the snow is beautiful and this time of the year is my favorite time,” said McCaul.

In some other towns like Westfield, they didn’t have snow sticking to the ground. They received freezing rain which lead to slushy and slippery conditions.

If you are heading out on the roads on Friday, be sure to slow down and proceed with caution. Freezing rain can lead to black ice on the roads. If you start to slide, remember don’t slam your brakes. Keep calm and ease off the gas and try to guide the car to a slow and easy stop.