HUNTINGTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Friday brought plenty of snow to elevated areas of Western Massachusetts. But not all hilltown communities were impacted the same.

“We got a good six inches down in the open fields we probably got seven or eight inches,” Richard Steward from Huntington told 22News.

And while some of it turned into slush by the evening here in parts of Huntington, residents say they’re happy the cleanup was light.

“I have a lot of animals! So it was still nice not to have to shovel through like 14 inches of snow to make sure the pigs are comfortable,” said Simeon Edmunds, from Huntington.

This winter storm bringing in some heavy snow across Hampshire County, ranging around four inches to nearly a foot of snow. And while the weather outside might be frightful, some stores here in Huntington promising a nice warm cozy experience in doors during the winter storm.

“This is a great place for cozy and stress free shopping, said Becky Butler, owner of Huntington Country Store.

Butler’s Family has owned the Huntington Country Store for nearly 30 years and can weather any storm.

“It keeps them home to stay safe, but a lot of people come out too and I think this weekend and this week will probably be busy,” said Butler.

Huntington DPW seen here sanding and salting the roads in anticipation for that busy weekend of winter activities before the holidays.

“My granddaughter made me dig around the basement and find the saucer sled, so she’s already out sledding! And my wife and I have been cross country skiers for 40 years now. We want the snow! said Steward.