Snow strands hundreds of ice fishermen

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Snowy, drift-covered roads are a proving a major problem for motorists across the state of Minnesota. 

 And the problems aren’t only on dry land. Heavy drifting on ice roads left hundreds of ice anglers stuck across Lake Mille Lacs. The snow is so deep vehicles can’t get back to the mainland, leaving those stuck keeping a worried eye on their propane and food supplies.

 By Monday evening, a Department of Natural Resources spokesperson said everyone who needed to get back to shore had done so, thanks to hard-working plow crews and resort owners who helped clear paths with heavy-duty equipment.

 Among those stuck were Bill Spege of Wyoming, who was stuck in an ice shack with his brother Trevor and two of their buddies. Spege arrived Saturday to chase some walleye, and hunkered down as conditions on Mille Lacs worsened into what he described as “the worst I’ve ever seen.” The group was out of fuel for their generator so no lights or electricity, but they do have enough propane to heat the shack at least through Tuesday. 

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