WENDELL, Mass. (WWLP) – While we continue to grapple with the effects of Wednesday night’s storm in the valley, residents in parts of eastern Franklin County are still without power as a result of Monday’s storm.

“We’ve had a significant amount of time where the power’s been down and it’s been sporadic, so it’s on and then it’s off and then it’s on again,” said Tommy Boynton of Wendell.

In addition to Wendell, some homes in New Salem and Shutesbury have been without power. You can see trees laden with heavy snow. National grid attributes many problems to tree damage knocking down power lines. While crews have been working around the clock to restore power, many residents are concerned about Wednesday’s incoming storm bringing more snow.

“Anymore weight on the branches that are still hanging on, it’s not going to be good,” said William Fisher of Wendell.

National Grid says they are prepared for the storm by securing 300 field-based crews for emergency response operations. The company states the primary concerns with this mid-week storm is heavy, wet snow and strong winds.

The Swift River School in Wendell remained closed due to the power outages and road cleanup. Children enjoyed the time off and thankful for power.

“We get to watch tv and we get to use lights,” said Aubrianna Fisher of Wendell.

Residents say power outages are largely expected during storms.

“It’s pretty much inevitable for rural setting like this in my experience,” said Boynton.

A recent check on the MEMA outage map show National Grid has been making headway for these residents. As of 3:45 p.m., Franklin County roughly 100 customers without power and is the second most affected county in the state.

Smaller towns in the hillier regions of Franklin County have received nearly a foot of accumulation in some parts combined Monday. Following a warmer beginning to the winter, many have mixed emotions to what is a rare snowfall this winter.

“But for now the snow is really pretty and we’ve had so little snow the last few years so it’s nice to have some snow,” said Anders Ferguson of Leydon.

Shelbourne Falls received around a half a foot of snow earlier in the week, according to reports, and the village is still seeing some accumulation Wednesday.