SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – South Hadley Police Department is advising parents and caregivers to stick to a routine and avoid distractions to reduce the risk of forgetting a child in a car.

According to a social media post by South Hadley Police Department, the National Safety Council released a safety announcement, stating that a child left in a hot car, or who gets into an unlocked vehicle unnoticed can die of heatstroke very quickly.

Dozens of U.S. children lose their lives each year and even with the window cracked or the car parked in the shade, interior temperatures of cars can reach dangerous levels in short periods of time. On days with mild temperatures, the heat inside a closed vehicle can reach dangerous levels within an hour, posing major health risks to small children or pets left inside, Consumer Reports says.

CR testing showed that even when it was 61° F outside, the temperature inside a closed car reached more than 105° F in just 1 hour, an extremely dangerous and potentially fatal level for a child.