SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – The 20-year record of a 30-degree low was broken Thursday morning, as temperatures dipped to 27 degrees at Westover.

These cold temperatures, more like March than May, caused local farmers to spring into action to protect their crops, also their livelihood. Just one frost can be devastating.

Sweet corn, summer squash, and cucumber plants were all covered Thursday morning ahead of the cold. Big steps were also taken to protect one of the most popular late-spring crops, strawberries. The farm’s irrigation system was turned on when temperatures hit 32 degrees, showering the strawberry plants with water.

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Calabrese took a close look at the small white blooms whose bright yellow centers turn into berries and said the plants look healthy since these preventative measures were taken. They said if you want to make sure to avoid ruining your vegetables with a frost, wait until Memorial Day to plant.

Right now at the farm, they are picking asparagus and radishes. In a few weeks come the lettuces and the first week of June, the strawberries.