CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The risk of lightning strikes increases during the summer months but there are ways you can help minimize the damage lightning might bring to your home.

We can’t control where or when lightning strikes, but we are able to prepare our homes with the right armor to protect ourselves. A lightning strike can cause a fire, physical damage, and even lead to an electrical surge. If the bolt hits anywhere in the immediate area such as an electric line or something else connected to the power grid, it can destroy or damage your electrical work and electronics.

The first step is to purchase surge protectors for all of your devices connected to the wall. Also, have an electrician install a comprehensive surge protector in your circuit box which will protect the electrical work for the entire home.

Homeowners also want to make sure that their home has a lightning protection system. The system consists of multiple parts, like lightning rods, main conductors, grounds, and bonds.

22News spoke with Bill Simp, owner of Smoke Stack Lightning Inc. about the importance of having protection measures in place within our homes.

“A direct strike can destroy a house especially the old wood frame building in old historic houses unless they have a fully functioning lightning protection system that’s well taken care of and we’ll lined up. It’s important to really look at the property and determine what kind of equipment is there and needs protection. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If homeowners are unsure if they have a lightning protection system in place they can call a lightning protection company like Smoke Stack Lightning so that they can test your home and help you assess what kind of system best suits your home’s needs.

A lightning protection system or even surge protection can be pretty costly but this investment can help save you from any potential headaches in the long run.

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