Storm clean up will continue into the weekend for thousand of residents along the coast

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BOSTON (WWLP) – On Wednesday, wind gusts along the coast got up to 80 miles per hour knocking out power for more than 500,000 residents.

Leaders at Eversource and MEMA said it will take a few days to clear debris from power lines and restore electricity.

“As utility crews begin their work in earnest, we ask for the public’s patience and assistance so that we get through this safely,” MEMA Director Sam Phillips said.

When it comes to restoring power, utility companies typically pay out-of-pocket. However they could increase their rates or charge a ‘clean up’ fee to recoup the cost.

In order to clean up debris on private property, homeowners are responsible for those costs but most insurance policies do cover storm damage.

As for the state and federal government, well very little financial burden is placed on them once a major storm passes through. The state tends to foot the bill for food, shelter and emergency personnel. While the federal government helps to pay for major infrastructure fixes, like highway or bridge repairs. 

Governor Baker is asking residents to continue to use caution and be on the look out for downed wires because they could be live.

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