(WWLP) – It is the first day of November, but the change in month doesn’t mean tick activity has gone down.

Even though temperatures will be cool this upcoming week, it won’t be cool enough to kill off any ticks, so remembering to keep your guard up is important.

7 Day Forecast

“If they are anywhere with high vegetation or where lawn turns to forest, that transition zone is where rodents like to run and where deer like to forage and both of those are going to be tick hosts and those ticks are going to drop off and be likely picked up by dogs or people,” says Natasha Wright, Braman Termite & Pest Elimination.

Ticks won’t die off unless it is well below freezing outside.

Ticks die off when the temperature outside is 10 degrees or below for a sustained amount of days. Now with warmer winters we notice this happening less often. According to Climate Central, the average winter temperature has risen 4.2 degrees since 1970. This increase in temperature plays a big role in the amount of ticks surviving the winter.

“Typical repellants, wearing light colored clothing, closed toe shoes, long pants, wearing repellants. DEET is a good one, about 30% is all you need,” said Wright.

If you do end up with a tick on you or your pet, taking it off within the first 24 hours will be the most effective at making sure they aren’t transmitting any diseases. We will see the tick population decrease when cooler temperatures arrive, but it will never be zero.