CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We saw lots of rain Monday and that caused some roads to flood as much as five feet but it only takes a couple inches to bring your drive to a halt.

Monday brought lots of rain to Massachusetts, with places like Ludlow getting almost three inches of rain. That’s more than half of what we saw this time last year.

Intense rain can cause flash floods and damage your car and your property. 22News spoke with Stephen Gonneville at Interstate Towing about what tips he suggests when driving through heavy storms, “If you see a large body of water like that, don’t attempt to drive through it because you don’t know what’s lurking underneath. You could suck water into your motor and really disable your car bad.”

AAA also suggests that if your car does get stuck, don’t try to retrieve it until the water recedes. Flood waters still have potential to rise even after the storm passes over.

Low lying areas are notorious for flooding. Multiple cars were stuck in flooded roadways Monday, including areas near Blunt Park in Springfield and at the intersection near Page Boulevard and Berkshire Avenue in Ludlow.

Even those who stayed home felt the affects. Laura Coe, who’s lived in Chicopee for almost 40 years, couldn’t believe what she saw Monday night, “This is the worst that I’ve seen in a really long time. The water was coming straight down like a river. Then holding about 200 feet down that way. It just kept puddling and puddling.”

While New England is no strange to wet summers, intense storms this late in the year could make for a rainy fall. The Massachusetts Department of Health recommends not to drive during storms if you don’t have to, as cars can be swept away in as little as two feet of water.

Remember folks if you see flooded roadways, turn around, don’t drown.

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