MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The red Jeep that went viral during Hurricane Dorian for being stranded in the ocean was pulled away to safety on Friday.

The Jeep looks worse for wear in the video with exterior damage to the body and the windshield. It was found stranded in the Myrtle Beach ocean as Hurricane Dorian began to batter the area on Thursday and was used frequently as a backdrop for media reports.

Soon after, reports on social media began to go viral over concerns the Jeep would be swept away. Posts began to spoof the media coverage and the Jeep became characterized through humorous memes. From bagpipes playing Amazing Grace near the Jeep to iconic Star Wars tributes, the red SUV stole the show.

The Jeep was stranded between 36th Avenue North and 37 Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. According to police, the driver wanted to watch the sunrise and see how far the jeep would go.