WATCHING WINTER LIVE – We tap into Nexstar’s deep meteorological bench of expertise to look at the long-range predictions for winter weather across the nation.

Join WGN Chicago’s Tim Joyce and 22News Western Massachusetts’ Brian Lapis as they discuss heavy snow headed for the West and western mountain states, the on-going snow drought in the Midwest (and when that might end), and the below-normal precipitation outlook for the Northeast.

Viewer questions from across the country focused on whether they would see a white Christmas to which the answer was “no” more often than not. The higher elevations and those who live to the north of roughly Madison, WI will likely have it while the rest of the nation will go without. One viewer pointed out that snow is needed in the long-term to help prevent fires come summer 2022 which led to a great discussion about the long-term impacts of a snow drought.

Join us next week, Wednesday December 29th at 3 p.m. CT for our next edition of Watching Winter Live. We will be joined by John Fuller of KPLR11 in St. Louis, MO.