EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Rain has been hard to come by these last few weeks, but what do these drought conditions mean for you?

The state of Massachusetts has a list you can use to figure out what level drought you’re in, and if there are water restrictions in your area. Easthampton, for example, has mandatory water restrictions.

This map from Tuesday shows water use restrictions across the state:

Credit: MassDEP

There are a few different levels of restrictions.

  • Voluntary, which is the case in Montague.
  • Mandatory restriction with two days or more of watering allowed per week, like Northampton and Hadley.
  • Then there are communities like Easthampton, Southwick, and Greenfield that have only one day or less of watering per week.

Gary Stone lives in Amherst and he said with the lack of rain he hasn’t had to mow his lawn in some time, “We kind of get these teases and then nothing soaks in much. I have some tall tomato plants that are wilted every morning.”

Most of western Massachusetts has a very small or no municipal water supply, or it’s labeled as having no restrictions at all. Among those on the list with no restrictions are Springfield and Holyoke.

The highest restriction, which has not happened in the state, is a water supply emergency declaration.