CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather doesn’t just play a big role in our behavior, but also other animals’ behavior as well. Especially cold blooded animals.

Let’s narrow down on one very specific cold blooded animal that lights up the night sky throughout the summer – fireflies! Commonly known as lightning bugs, these cold blooded animals spend most of the year underground.

In the springtime, the young are maturing underground and once it is warm enough they start to emerge. This usually happens in mid-May and early June, but a wet and warm spring can lead to an earlier emergence. Mild winters will lead to a larger population since the young have an easier time surviving the cold. 

Unlike most humans, lightning bugs, or fireflies, like warm and humid weather. In fact, dry and cool weather is known to stress these bugs out which can cause their eggs to die before having a chance to emerge.

The adult firefly is the only one that lights up in the night sky as a way to attract a mate. There is actually a direct correlation from how many times they light up to the temperature. The warmer the temperature is outside, the more flashes you’ll see.

Once the temperature gets near or into the 50s, the time in between the flashes will become longer. This is because they are cold blooded and depend on the heat of the surrounding environment to help them function.