OTIS, Mass. (WWLP) – We did see some snow this week and if you’re a skier you’re probably itching to hit the slopes. At the Otis Ridge Ski Area, in addition to natural snow they have been getting recently, they’ve also been able to make snow.

“If we get those cold nights down in the low 20s we can produce some decent snow, obviously the colder it is the better but over the last three weeks we’ve had some good cold weather at night,” said Eric Vanoostveen, the general manager of Otis Ridge Ski Area.

There may be plenty of snow right now but the forecast for the weekend is causing them to delay opening for the season.

“We’re going to postpone everything a weekend. Nobody wants to ski in thunderstorms and rain, so we’ll hopefully get everybody back here the following Saturday,” said Vanoostveen.

In addition to rain and wind, temperatures are expected to warm up well into the 50s on Saturday causing a lot of the snow to melt. However, when temperatures cool back down they’ll once again be able to make more snow.

Otis Ridge is planning on opening up next weekend on Saturday, December 18th and they will be holding their free Beginners Day.