WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Town of West Springfield has been designated by the National Weather Service as “Storm Ready.”

This means they’re prepared for any kind of weather event with only about 20 communities in Massachusetts receiving the same designation.

Andy Nash at the National Weather Service told 22News, “no community can be storm proof. Severe weather is going to happen. But through the work of Storm Ready, West Springfield is now much more prepared.”

The National Weather Service said West Springfield is prepared, and ready to receive warnings from various agencies like the NWS and the state’s Emergency Management Agency but also to effectively deliver those warnings to residents.

Between the tornado and serious snow storms over the years Deputy Fire Chief Michael Dickson said they’ve learned from the past to prepare for the future, “the key points of any emergency management program are preparation and planning so this whole program, our operating procedures outline that.”

Besides the benefit of being prepared for an emergency and a plaque, being storm ready also comes with an additional perk. There are actually 25 points that the town gets toward FEMA’s national flood insurance program community rating system that can open the town for a discount on flood insurance premium rates.

And since we’re talking about weather preparedness, it’s important to take a look at what you have stocked up like extra water and batteries so you’re prepared for a weather event.