SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts was positively buzzing Thursday afternoon with the temperature soaring into the 60s. Nearly everyone was thrilled by the weather. Walking, running, fishing or just enjoying a bench was much more pleasant on a day like Thursday.

Pushing 60 degrees in February and in Massachusetts… the people of the Commonwealth were thrilled to be outside, either for the first time this season or the first comfortable time this season.

“I mean, its beautiful. I try to walk every day. Every day. It’s beautiful, it’s quiet. In the summer its even more beautiful with all the birds. People don’t realize all the stuff that’s down here,” expressed John from Longmeadow.

Some people even drove in all the way from the Fitchburg area to get a glimpse of Springfield’s pride of parks and recreation.

Central Massachusetts resident Sherilyn Star told 22News, “I haven’t been here when it’s nice out yet, so its the first nice day I drove out to check it out and it’s amazing.”

The consensus at Forest Park Thursday afternoon was people are enjoying the warm weather. However, is anyone missing the cold? It is February in New England after all.

“I used to like the winters years ago. Now I’m a little older and I don’t like the winters,” expressed Joe.

“I don’t like the winter at all. If it was my time I would live in the warm. Any day we get like this, I enjoy because you never know what it’s going to be tomorrow,” expressed Star.

Here’s to hoping this assuredly false-spring is the real deal.