(WWLP) – The fall foliage map is released for the western Massachusetts area every Monday.

The map is complied from The Foliage Report which shows the week of October 11, most of the western Massachusetts area has good color, with a portion of northern Berkshire County with great color such as North Adams. There is some color in the Springfield area.

Bernard Grace and family members visiting the area from California and Arkansas told 22News, “Every time you turn a corner you get a better picture and you think how many more pictures can I get that are better than the last one?”

The Grace family only just learned the term “leaf peeper” but it describes what they’ve been up to this week. A vacation that’s thousands of miles in the making, “We were celebrating their 50th anniversary last year. We were going to do the trip but couldn’t so this is a great memorable 51st anniversary drive from California to all the way out here.”

Whether they were out here to enjoy the small local shops or to go take in the scenery, people were out here just to see an experience that you don’t really get much outside of New England. Views that are social media worthy but some have been visiting this corner of the world before people could even post on their pages.

Christopher Bush likes to ride on his motorcycle in the fall but visiting Shelburne Falls brings back memories, “We used to come down here as a family. See the falls and when they had a glassblower here but the town is such a beautiful town that I just wanted to visit it again.”

Last week the foliage map indicated Massachusetts had little or only some color.

Typically, in an average year, the lower Pioneer Valley’s foliage peaks around mid-October, with some higher elevation areas, like the Berkshires, changing earlier than that. But with the delay this year, we may have to wait a few more weeks until closer to the end of October to see the best of it in the Springfield area.