SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – All of western Massachusetts remains in a flash flood watch, and river levels continue to rise.

All this rain has to go somewhere, and it’s going into our rivers and streams. Luckily right now, the flood threat is low. The Connecticut River at Springfield is currently at 4.6 feet. The National Weather Service expects it to crest Tuesday around noon at 7.2 feet.

The flood stage is 20 feet, so flooding is not much of a concern even with all the recent rain we have had. The last time the river was at flood stage was back in 1984 when it crested to 22 feet. Historically, you have to go back to 1936 for the highest crest at 28 feet, that’s a major flood stage.

This spring we were talking about a drought in western Massachusetts. That has since been lifted.