What is bombogenesis? What does it mean for Thursday’s storm?

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(WWLP) –  As the latest snowstorm heads our way, you may have heard the term “bombogenesis.”

What does it mean?

The term ‘bombogenesis’ is a term meteorologists use to describe the rapid intensification of a snowstorm.

Below is a photo of the storm we are tracking for Thursday. The black lines you see are called isobars, and are lines of equal pressure. As the storm moves up the coast, those lines get closer together before they really come together just off the New England coast. That represents bombogenesis, the pressure rapidly falls, the storm rapidly intensifies, and the winds become much stronger.

The closer that occurs to the coast, the more impacts we will feel from the storm, which would be heavy snow and gusty winds. That is what we are looking at primarily for the eastern part of the state. Here is what we are expecting in western Massachusetts.

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