NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Fall means cooler temperatures at night, so what should you do with your plants?

The Berkshires had their first frost advisory of the season, so now may be the time to start thinking about bringing certain plants inside.

“Most of those house plants, any of the tropical plants people should really start moving inside. If a frost is coming, you don’t want to wait until the last minute” said Eric Tiedeman-Mau, the store manager of Gardener’s Supply. Tiedeman-Mau said while there isn’t an exact temperature for when you should bring your plants in, the mid to the low thirties at night is a good range. Before you bring them inside, check for pests.

“Taking a good look at the leaves, inspecting the plants carefully, and treating as needed if you need to. It’s really important so you can deal with that before it’s in the house. And make sure you have a saucer so you don’t get water everywhere.”

Just because the summer gardening season is over doesn’t mean you need to stop gardening. In fact, there are some plants you can put in the ground right now.

Heather Beck and Rachel Keenan Roberts of Easthampton said “It’s in that magical time in the fall when you still get to plant but you have to do it now because soon it will be winter.”

Chrysanthemums and asters are popular to plant this time of year. Beck and Roberts are building a new perennial bed at their house, but they’re also getting their garden ready for the winter.

“We try to mulch our leaves and put them back on the ground, both protecting the soil over the winter and also adding fertility. It’s better for your lawn to mulch them in place,” said Beck. “The bugs live under there and they need a place to have the habitat,” said Roberts.