EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – As the fall begins, it’s time to switch up the plants in your garden.

Summer plants can last a few more weeks due to the warmer-than-average temperatures. The first frost could be delayed this year as much as late October to early November. To get a head start, plant fall vegetables, like spinach and arugula. Flowers to plant consist of mums, violas, and pansies.

Chris Graziano from Graziano Gardens suggests if you’re still gardening this season to add more mulch, “if you do plant in the fall it’s a good idea to mulch them heavier. It’ll give them a little bit of a jump start, it’ll make the soil a little warmer later on so the roots have time to branch out.”

It also matters what time of day you plant. For vegetables, it varies. the main goal is for those to bloom before the first frost, so check for the label that says days until maturity and time that with the expected first frost. Flowers can be easier to gauge. Bedding plants from a nursery should be put in your garden as soon as possible as long as it’s under 80 degrees. Bulbs should be planted when evening temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

For more recommendations, you can always check with your local nursery.

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