AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Ahead of the first significant winter storm this season many people were on the hunt for winter supplies Monday.

Since snow is hitting our area so late in the winter season, many may have had to sift through their sheds or garages to break out winter necessities or head to a hardware store for items they haven’t had to worry too much about.

People across western Massachusetts were gearing up for the incoming storm by stocking up on supplies like salt, ice melt and snowbrushes. Rocky’s Ace Hardware, among many local hardware stores, eagerly awaiting the snow.

“We have the rock salt, we have the ice melter. We are ready to go. We’ve had it all along. Just waiting for the snow, and now that the snow’s here, we are ready to go,” said Bob Parent, Assistant Manager at Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam.

The unusually mild winter we’ve had so far has had an impact on certain sales.

“We haven’t sold as many snow-blowers as normal, it’s been a slow year and it kind of puts us in a rough spot where it’s not quite spring so lawn-mower season hasn’t quite picked up yet, and as you can see just looking around we’ve still got plenty of snow blowers,” explained Wade Rivest, marketing director at Taplin Yard, Pump and Power.

If you do plan to use a snow-blower, it’s important to be prepping it before the snow arrives.

“Make sure your machines start before you need them,” advised Rivest. “Run them throughout the season. If they’ve been sitting with old fuel in them for six, seven months, drain the fuel out and refresh the fuel.”

And, of course, having supplies like a snow shovel, an ice scraper and maybe a couple of sleds as well on hand will lead to a stress-free snow day.

It’s not a bad idea to keep items in your car during winter storms. Some that AAA recommends include drinking water and snacks, blankets, traction aids like sand & salt, a charged cell-phone, jumper cables and a first aid kit.