SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s the story that’s likely dominating your social media feed. A winter snow storm is expected to move through New England this weekend. AAA is reminding drivers to play it safe. 22News has those winter weather tips.

No matter how much snow we get this weekend its important to drive safely. Winter weather is responsible for half a million crashes every year so before heading out AAA says to keep these tips in mind.

Plan ahead because you never know what the streets are going to be like. The winter season is when we see an uptick in car crashes and a winter storm can lead to poor driving conditions, and on average, play a role in more than two thousand road deaths per winter, according to AAA.

Lenette Rivera of Springfield told us, “Drive slow and be considerate of others driving around you, you’re going to get to your destination. There’s other people around you and you know accidents do happen pretty quickly.”

AAA says to: drive slowly and adjust your speed to account for the lower traction, also most cars have anti-lock brakes so you shouldn’t pump the breaks, instead, keep the heel of your foot on the floor and maintain steady pressure. Anti-lock breaks do the pumping for you.

With the potential for intense driving conditions it’s important to keep your car stocked up with essentials like blankets, water and jumper cables. And if you can, avoid heading out on the roads entirely.

“I have water bottles Blankets sweaters socks anything that you’re going to need to survive in this weather.”

Peter Slepchuk of West Springfield said, “We try to use an all season tires that’s got good tread on it. You know make sure that the driveway is clear and she’s ready to go and get out early so she can drive slowly.”

Another tip, give yourself plenty of extra time, and plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. And after we get the snow make sure you clear all that snow off the roof of your car before heading down the road.