SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It looks like the growing season has come to an end, with overnight temperatures dropping into the low 30s for most. Some could even see our first snowflakes of the season on Wednesday.

If you still have flowers and plants out, you may want to cover them, with cold overnight temperatures expected for the rest of the week. Most warm-weather annual plants like marigolds will not be able to survive much longer outside.

But if you have mums, they can handle some colder temperatures. It is recommended that you cover those.

Officials at Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield say you can cover them loosely with a barrel or plastic. “You want to leave a little space in between so the cold is not right up against the flowers. That way you can get more time out of them,” said Sixteen Acres Garden Center Nursery Manager, Andy Grondalski. “Your perennials should be going by, dying back, and should be cut to the ground level.”

He recommends watering your plants daily, so they have moisture when the ground freezes. Grondalski also says snow will act as an insulator for plants like trees and shrubs to protect new growth from extreme temperatures.

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