Dateline: The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard

When two tragic deaths occur within one week of each other in a wealthy city in California, families begin to wonder what happened inside a beachfront mansion.

Some places feel secluded, insulated, secure.

"I can remember saying that, and feeling that, and saying "Nothing bad could ever happen here," said Dina Shacknai.

"Here" is Coronado, California, just over a bridge from San Diego.

"t's beautiful. Beautiful people. Beautiful beaches. Charming, beautiful, old homes, expensive homes," said Rory Devine.

Like this one on Ocean Boulevard, just across from the beach, except that since the summer of 2011, this mansion has been ground zero from a mystery.

"This is a very bizarre death. There's no doubt about it," said Captain Tim Curran.

Well, actually, there's been plenty of doubt and plenty of theories. Secrets both suspected and imagined...

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